I’m always interested in new and unusual ways to promote books, and so I was excited to attend a meeting at Willamette Writers to hear Luminare author Danuta Pfeiffer and Luminare friend Kathleen Cremonesi discuss their 100 Book Club Challenge.
Danuta and Kathleen have been a writing group together for years, and both published books within months of each other.  Then, of course, came the challenge – marketing the books.
They launched The 100 Book Club Challenge with the goad of attending, in person, by skype or phone, 100 book clubs. By offering to engage readers in a small group setting, they were able to expand the audience for each book and increase book sales.
The challenge is working. They present, together or separately, to a two to three book clubs a month. They approach each event individually, considering what they can do to make it special and memorable. And they always ask the readers to post reviews of the books online. The result? Book sales and new fans.