If you want to give your book the chance it deserves to become a bestseller, you need to create a comprehensive plan and develop a marketing strategy to promote your book.

Launching a book is not easy, and that’s why we partnered with our favorite book marketing expert, Sue Campbell, co-founder of Pages & Platforms and certified Book Launch Coach from Tim Grahl’s BookLaunch.com.

As Luminare Press Author you can access a free 30-minute strategy call directly with her. The call will help you understand your options and the best way to build your author platform and launch your book into the world.

Ready to start?

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What else can you do?

If you already have a marketing plan to put in action or you’re not planning a big launch at the moment, you can start with our promotional tools.
We offer a vast set of tools and services that can help you increase your on-and off-line visibility, reach more readers, and further assist with your marketing goals.

If you have specific questions about tools you bought, or you’re interested in how they might help you, you can book a free call with our in-house book marketing team.