A.A. Willis is a retired senior sales and marketing professional from a global biotech company. He holds a BS in chemistry and an MBA in finance and marketing. An initial interest in the human potential movement at the beginning of his sales career gradually evolved into a personal inquiry over many years into spiritual, philosophical, and motivational literature from history that continues to inspire.

Titles by A. A. Willis

  • by A. A. Willis

    • Released: August 2023
    • Genre: Poetry

    Yesterday’s Voices: The 12 Universal Laws is the third book in the series of Yesterday’s Voices inspirational anthologies.

    These selections of verse and prose from historical sources refer to and exemplify the timeless and immutable laws that govern the universe and our human experience. Literature over the ages has described these laws with a variety of terms, including “The Twelve Spiritual Laws,” “Laws of Nature,” and “Universal Principles,” to name a few. They have also been represented as timeless truths and guidelines for living.

    Whether expressed in the writings of world religions, ancient and modern philosophy, spirituality, or the classic literature of the ancient world, these timeless principles continue to supply wisdom and guidance for our current times. Yesterday’s Voices: The 12 Universal Laws discusses the value of embracing these laws and principles on life’s journey.

  • by A. A. Willis

    Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life: Volume Two is a prose and poetry anthology that highlights spiritual and inspirational literature from past centuries.

    This companion volume to the first anthology, Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life, continues with more selections illustrating timeless meditations and reflections on the inner life found in literature from the past.
    The power of words can uplift our spirit, inspire us to live successfully, and help us find inner peace. Thoughts from the world’s awakened and liberated souls have passed down through the ages for our benefit in these times. This collection is for the reader who has an ongoing thirst for timeless wisdom and its practical use in everyday living.

  • by A.A. Willis