A.B. Herron was introduced to books and adventure early by her father and never kicked the addiction. Her love of science and daydreaming was born deep in the dark mines of Death Valley and while snorkeling secluded reefs in Mexico. In this riveting sequel to her debut novel, Watching Water, Herron allows her imagination to run wild within the bounds of Crater Lake National Park. Heron lives in the Northwest with her canine companion, Loki.

Titles by A.B. Herron

  • by A.B. Herron

    When Wind and Water combine, a storm brews, but who will be standing when it clears?

    Nora and Benji have been searching for Zayden since the disastrous night in a cemetery. Nora is unable to drag answers from the magical community until Benji makes a romantic connection who is willing to risk giving them a lead. The location? Crater Lake, an off-limits venue to Kindred for centuries. And now it has suddenly opened its gates for an unusual full-moon race.

    Is it a trap? If so, why? And who is pulling the strings? Nora and her Wolf refuse to be deterred as they plunge headlong into unknown danger for a chance to save her friend. As the mysteries and attractions heat up, Nora finds herself running out of time and breath. Can she survive the secrets that Crater Lake holds, or will they suffocate her before she has a chance to free Zayden? Only the wind knows.

  • by A.B. Herron