Aimee Andren lives in Montana when she is not out exploring this big, beautiful world. A former social worker (child and adolescent behavior being her preference and specialty) and current mom to two grown children, she now spends her time putting together words designed to inspire all of our children and help them to feel the confidence and love they were born to experience. She also likes to hang out with her pup, Jack.

Titles by Aimee Andren

  • by Aimee Andren

    Pete and June have their own ideas
    about how things should be.

    There comes a time when THEY should get to make their own
    decisions about things like bedtime and what kind of food to eat.
    Mom and Dad can’t always be right, can they?

    Find out what happens when Pete and June
    decide to do things THEIR way!

  • by Aimee Andren

    Everybody knows children can grow up to be ANYTHING they choose, no matter how big the challenge.
    Can an alligator become an astronaut? Absolutely! A bear a basketball player? Better believe it!
    See what these amazing animals grow up to accomplish…A to Z!