Alan is an award-winning playwright, esteemed public educator, and autism advocate. For the past twenty years, his students have performed the Revolutionary War play, which Alan penned twenty years ago. As a playwright, Alan is best known for his critically acclaimed solo plays, A Child Left Behind and Child‘s Play, produced at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, PSNBC in New York, The Comedy Central Stage in Hollywood, and theaters across the country. His children‘s book, The Great City on the Hill, was produced as a segment for AOTV. He has also contributed writing to The Hollywood Reporter, LA Stage Times, and The Cradle.
Alan has won several Best New Play Awards, including the African-American Playwright’s Exchange for his play, RAP. In Los Angeles, the Association of Los Angeles Playwrights selected his play, The Old Man of the Mountain, for their New Play Festival. Alan currently tours the country every April to promote autism awareness with his play, My Education in Autism, based on his years as an autism specialist and as a parent to a child on the spectrum. Alan currently lives in Beverly Hills with his wife and three children.

Title by Alan Aymie

  • by Alan Aymie

    In over twenty years of teaching, Alan Aymie has learned public education is a battle worth fighting for, and proper battle training isn’t always guaranteed. Turning Points details his journey from struggling Hollywood actor to a heralded school teacher and the lessons he learned along the way.

    With work on Samuel Jackson’s film 187 and two years as a costumed children’s entertainer as training, Alan stepped into an abandoned-storage-room-turned-classroom in one of LA’s most challenging neighborhoods. With teaching practices born from his years on national stages and Southern California backyards, Aymie went on to become one of the school’s most beloved and successful teachers to thousands of students.

    He has appeared on TV with school superintendents, traveled across the country to advocate for autism awareness, and spoken to hundreds of teachers about effective teaching practices. His Revolutionary War Play helped inspire a whole school of children and became an annual community event.

    His nationally-produced solo play, Child’s Play, seen at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival, further cemented Aymie’s reputation as a revolutionary teacher with a unique viewpoint on how to teach today’s children.

    Now with Turning Points: Tips, Tales, and Tactics of a Revolutionary Teacher, Aymie provides teachers revolutionary lessons such as Return the Dogs, Procure Your Cannons, and Everyone Needs a Von Steuben. Turning Points will show every teacher how to survive the battle and win the war for public education.