Born on December 21, 1968, in Miami, Florida, Alicia Valentyn was the youngest of six children. In 2011, she transitioned from a career as a firefighter to study yoga. In 2019 she relocated to Portland, Oregon, where she enjoys outdoor activities, writing, and spending quality time with her family.

Title by Alicia J. Valentyn

  • by Alicia J. Valentyn

    The author of dYnO’s DaNcE, On The Eight Limb Path, shares her struggles of being raised in a large dysfunctional family, overcoming many of life’s seemingly unfair challenges, and tapping into her last bit of inner strength as a single mother to show her son that she could live her best life after all. Follow Alicia as she unwinds her transformational journey of literally climbing the promotional ladder of the fire department to fulfill a childhood dream to shedding multiple badges, and identities to finally releasing the need to be anything other than simply her peaceful self.