Ambar Gingerelli is a writer and life coach. As a new mom, she created the popular blog Mama Bird Well Nest to support mothers through the ups and downs of motherhood. Ambar specializes in helping women decrease stress so that they can take good care of themselves and their families. Ambar lives at the Jersey shore with her husband, Angelo, and daughter, June. Thank You For Being You is her first children’s book; it was inspired by the many lessons she learns from her daughter everyday.

Title by Ambar Gingerelli

  • by Ambar Gingerelli

    My daughter,
    I want to thank you
    For so many wondrous things
    You’ve opened up my life
    To all the gifts that
    motherhood brings

    Discover the magic in the mundane moments of parenting by appreciating your child’s unique qualities. Thank You for Being You: A Letter to My Daughter is a celebration of the amazing bond between parent and child.
    With captivating illustrations and heartfelt rhymes, Thank You for Being You encourages children to take pride in their own special gifts and reminds parents to embrace every moment with their children—even the challenging ones.