AMY MENDILLO, MM, MPP, holds a master’s in public policy from Brown University and writes and consults on health, family, and policy issues for non-profit organizations locally and nationally. She has worked as a freelance writer-editor for the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association and serves on its Board of Directors. A proud cleft parent and adoptive parent, Amy lives with her family in Providence, RI.

Title by Amy Mendillo

  • by Amy Mendillo

    Hearing the news of a baby’s cleft lip and palate can feel overwhelming for a parent. Amy Mendillo, health writer and cleft parent, has been there. Now, she has produced the most comprehensive guide ever written for parents of children born with clefts. Based on extensive interviews with fellow parents and cleft-team pros—plus exhaustive research from medical literature—I’ve Just Seen a Face contains essential medical information, emotional insights, and insiders’ tips to help parents with countless decisions, big and small, during the intense first year of treatment and beyond. It is also full of relatable stories that will help parents feel more supported and less alone. This book contains:

    • Basics on the condition and its treatment, explained in everyday language
    • Guidance on preparing for surgery and recovery—and handling feelings along the way
    • Honest discussions of issues like bonding with a baby, taking photos, and responding to strangers in public
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to feed a cleft-affected baby, plus loads of inside tips and tricks
    • Key lessons on speaking up for a baby in the delivery room, exam room, recovery room, and beyond

    A warm and lively read, I’ve Just Seen a Face looks at the practical and emotional needs of families during a challenging time and offers information, insights, and reassurance.