Andrew Scott Bassett was born in the deserts of Arizona and raised in Northern California with a fishing pole in one hand and a bobber in the other. Much of his writing comes from real-life experiences. In his debut novel, Fishing for Something, he recounts these tales using love, passion, human understanding, and, of course, a full tackle box.

Title by Andrew Scott Bassett

  • Genre: Novels

    The Barrett brothers share three things: problems with women, problems with each other, and the deep wounds of having been abandoned by their father at a young age. When a letter with a mysterious request arrives along with the news of their father’s passing, the brothers are launched into a whirlwind fishing trip across America. But this is no ordinary trip. On this expedition John and Audie Barrett will be casting out for much more than they ever bargained for. The discoveries they reel in about themselves, the women they love, and even their father, will change their lives forever.