Anthony Colburn was born just south of San Francisco and has visited many times since. His mother and grandmother were born in San Francisco, and his grandmother experienced the 1906 earthquake. Anthony is a retired teacher and is married to Claire. He has two grown children, Avery and Elise. Anthony enjoys retirement with his photography and flying the couple’s hot air balloon, “Dream On.”

Title by Anthony Colburn

  • by Anthony Colburn

    • Released: July 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    A story of love and fate swirl around Matthew Donohue, the son of Irish immigrants at the turn of the 20th century in San Francisco. He dreams of making a name for himself and marrying Julia, the beautiful raven- haired daughter of social climbing merchant class parents. A robbery and twist of fate lands a bar of gold in Matthew’s hands and this new found wealth appears to guarantee his plans. The two lovers look toward a long life together but Matthew’s wealth and future are crushed in a catastrophic earthquake. Over time and distance, their love and dreams will manifest itself in a new generation that won’t be denied, but how could it ever come to pass? This is a novel of historical fiction. Many of the details and descriptions of places and situations in the book are factually accurate.