Arnie Gentile completed his graduate theological education at Biola University in California and at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Illinois. He is a retired freelance writer residing in the Chicago area with his wife, Lana. He is the author of Beautiful Religion: Can We Get There from Here?

Title by Arnie Gentile

  • by Arnie Gentile

    “Keep moving,” barked Joseph. “We need to get as far away from Bethlehem as possible before the sun rises. We will seek shelter by day.” “Stop, Joseph!” Mary screamed, falling to the ground and holding tightly to her young son. “Enough! Where are we going? Why did we leave? Why are we in danger? Is the Almighty so careless with the details? Did his angel tell you nothing?”

    Joseph stood stunned and speechless before his wife, fallen before him. His instinct was to rush to her side and fix the anguish his thoughtlessness had caused her, but something arrested him and held him in place, as if he would otherwise intrude upon a holy moment.

    Time stopped. A soft silence began to settle into Mary’s soul. She felt the movement of a gentle spirit touching her heart at the point of her pain…. “I see only fear in your eyes, Joseph,” she quietly continued as her lips began to quiver. “What has become of your faith? I love you, and I will follow you wherever you go, my husband, but I will not follow fear. I will only follow faith.” And then, Mary wept.

    Join Mary and Joseph as they flee from a malevolent foe determined to destroy them and their young family. Experience their journey into exile—facing danger, wonder, heartbreak, romance, and mystery—as they raise their firstborn son, the child of the secret.