Art Wild, born in Peoria, Illinois, received degrees in engineering and architecture from the University of Illinois. He and his wife, Aggie, joined the Peace Corps in 1971 and spent two years in Tunis, Tunisia. After returning, they ended up in Eugene, Oregon, where Art eventually became a shareholder in a civic/structural engineering company. He took a leave of absence to work in Saudi Arabia from 1981 – 1983. In 2000 he contracted Guillain-Barre a polio-like disease. During and following the recovery, he wrote 210 short stories. Some are included in this collection.

Titles by Arthur Wild

  • by Arthur Wild

    All of us are just passing through, and along the way, some recognizable stories pop up. The trick is to be attentive to those stories and share them, in the hopes that they may entertain and maybe even be instructive to someone along the way.

    In Just Passing Through, Art Wild brings his signature wit and wisdom to the page, once again, with stories that are “mostly reasonable” and frequently show the extremes of human behavior. Readers will encounter a man who pushes his brother off a cliff and a couple of guys who steal girlfriends; one is a tax accountant in a trailer park, and the other hopes to execute a cartwheel to show he’s pretty much OK after recovering from a broken leg—just to name a few.

    As Wild says, “You get the idea; there’s always poop in the water somewhere.”

  • by Arthur Wild

    In A Confusion of Stories, a new collection of short stories by Arthur Wild, you’ll meet an attractive woman plagued by the self-serving interests of self-important lotharios, a college couple who are snowed in on their way to a full life together, a minister haunted by an accident that kills a hitchhiker, and psychopathic twins who commit a terrible crime before even graduating high school—only a few of the characters found within.

    As Wild writes in the final story of this, his fifth book, “I’ll just keep writing till the house burns down.”

  • by Arthur Wild

    What Old Men Think About is a short story collection with heart and soul. Art Wild shapes his experience into stories, some real, most imagined. From far away hikes with lovely older women to getting caught in a sneaker wave to childhood friends, Wild shares his thoughts and memories in his fourth collection.