Blue Andrews is a stay-at-home dad living across the lake from Seattle with his beautiful wife and four incredible children. Outside of spending time with his family, he enjoys exercising, live music, and road trips.

Title by Blue Andrews

  • One man’s journey through alcoholism and depression to wellness and self-discovery

    Released: August 2022

    Genre: Biography

    Addiction and avoidance. Inadequacy and isolation.
    Even though Blue Andrews went from food stamps to a million dollars,
    and had an amazing family and many supportive friends,
    his unhealthy responses to life took their toll.

    In August of 2010, to the surprise of everyone but himself, Andrews attempted suicide. He woke up in the psych unit of a hospital with fourteen stitches on his wrists. A few days later, he made the most important decision of his life.
    He wanted to live. He wanted to be well.

    Choosing Life is the story of how he arrived at that conclusion and his ensuing journey toward health, contentment, and self-discovery.

    With an open heart, Andrews describes what it’s like to seemingly have it all yet still find yourself alone and depressed. He also shares the steps he took to find his way back and the amazing feelings that emerge with being well. The numerous stories Andrews conveys will be both relatable and beneficial, whether for yourself or someone you care about.