BOB TODARO has spent his career in the beverage industry as a business professional with expertise in sales, marketing and brand development. After completing his degree in theology, Bob continued to study the Christian faith through various sources. The topic of spiritual warfare and its effect on our everyday lives is one of the driving forces leading Bob to collaborate with Hope on writing the SOULS series.

HOPE HOLLINSWORTH COAXUM is a long time resident of Yonkers, New York and a member of Community Baptist Church. She is a novelist with several self-published books. In addition she is a playwright, screenwriter, producer and director of various theatrical works and short films significant to social cause. Hope is the wife of Antonio Coaxum and a mother of two, her earthly child Nicole and her heavenly child Courtney, KIA 09/09/07, and a proud grandmother. Hope has been instrumental in organizing and creating various programs, writing workshops and events relative to homelessness, domestic abuse and child abuse. In her efforts to further express awareness, her third published novel, A Gift of Sunshine, which was also developed into a theatrical production, won the Betterment of Community Award. Her other novels are A Juicy Story, Delusional, Everything Necessary, Once Upon a Place in Time, The Rebirth and the SOULS series. She has created riveting stories reflecting the veracity of our society and positioning herself as a screenwriter in the new film industry paradigm. Her documentary, The Diary of a Mother, explored the reactive account of losing a child, also written and produced as a stage production. Her other theatrical work and film include, Never Judge a book by its Cover, and a short film , a psychological thriller, The Smile of a Monster which won the audience choice award at YOFI Film Festival and debut on Cablevision.


Titles by Bob Todaro & Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum

  • by Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum & Bob Todaro

    Angels and demons are everywhere, we just don’t see them. Their job is to influence and lead souls to either heaven or hell. It’s a battle that rages all around us for the soul of every human and neither side wants to lose.

    Juan Carlos Martinez, “JCM,” the Mayor of Elgin, Illinois, is a young up-and-coming politician with aspirations of advancing his political career to higher office. His constituents like and respect him. In spite of his good intentions and solid reputation, evil influences try to lead him down a path of corruption, with the objective of destroying his career and stealing his soul. The demonic forces of Dante, the head demon, are making the road to future success for JCM contentious at best. Matthias, the head angel of God, fights to keep JCM and others on the straight and narrow path of righteousness and truth with timely intervention and divine assistance.

    Politics is a business and sometimes can be a very dirty game, especially when the battle between the mystical forces of good and evil are at play. Will JCM compromise his ethical and moral principles for political gain? Will his desire to succeed force him to sacrifice his core beliefs and ultimately, surrender his soul? Will those closest to him betray him? Everyone’s soul is at stake by the decisions they make, as their choices in life will ultimately determine their eternal destiny.

  • by Bob Todaro, Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum

    A battle rages between the forces of heaven and hell for the soul of every human. The war is going on all around us; we just don’t see it. The choices we make in life determine our eternal destiny. Which path are you on? You may just find out.

    Right smack in the middle of New York City, the demons and angels are hard at work. Maggie Hargrove, an attractive middle-aged fashion executive, is in the middle of a major life crisis. Her ex-husband and business partner have destroyed her career, stolen her company, and ruined her reputation. Dante, the head demon, looks to seize on these opportunities to drag her into the depths of hell. Matthias, the head angel, counters by putting himself and others in her path to help her regain her confidence. Neither side wants to lose.

    SOULS: The Battle for Our Eternal Destiny navigates the twists and turns, exposing characters for who they are—or who they become when prompted by spiritual forces.