Allison Devesly is a writer, mother, runner, dog and cat owner, and former middle school teacher. After years in the trenches of middle school, she left to begin the adventure of mothering identical twin daughters. She started running to de-stress from the bedlam of family life, and during these runs she imagines fantastical stories. Now that she has the time to write these stories, her dogs and cats curled around her, she is finally fulfilling her childhood dream of writing.

Titles by C. Allison Devesly

  • by C. Allison Devesly

    • Released: July 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    In Doors, the second book in the Christensen Lineage Series, Nathan finally accepts, after extensive therapy, that his memories of banishing an ancient demon are a delusion and is ready to put the supernatural world behind him. However, when Nathan and his wife Lucy move to the woodlands of Sussex County, NJ with their twin daughters, Erika and Molly, strange events start to happen.

    Their lives take a harrowing turn when Lucy and Molly go missing and find themselves transported to an unknown world. Stumbling upon a village inhabited with the victims of an ancient demon, Lucy begins to realize that Nathan’s delusions were reality.

    Together, Nathan and Lucy fight to reunite their family, using the twin’s telepathic abilities along with help from the coven and new friends from the demon realm.

  • by C. Allison Devesly