C. Marie Schrant is an Arizona native. She studied at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and earned a B.S. in accountancy. After returning to Arizona, she worked as a certified public accountant for a number of years then decided to go into the rocky road of sales. She gained her sales experience through the network marketing industry; used that experience to work in financial planning, and later, relied on that experience to work on a political campaign. She and her son, Michael, currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Empath is her first published work. For more information visit www.cmarieschrant.com

Title by C. Marie Schrant

  • by C. Marie Schrant

    • Released: February 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    “Set in Arizona during a political campaign, a petulant, fragile, tormented, and sometimes strong protagonist emerges. She will evoke contradictory emotions, encouraging the reader to keep turning the pages. Through detail and imagery, the author paints a vivid picture of the protagonist’s home, office, streets, buildings, memories, and fantasies. Even minor characters come alive. C. Marie Schrant’s first novel deserves attention.” —Susan Ball, B.ED., M.ED.

    “C. Marie Schrant weaves an intricate story about unrequited love and the demons this love evokes. When Emma is driven by a forceful entity to love a man she doesn’t want to love, she must fight the internal battle all the way through to the end. It begs the question of what is real love and how far one must go to experience it.” —Stephanie Elliot, author

    Emma is fifty-seven years old. Out of shape. Overweight. And at the lowest point in her life she has ever been. She has absolutely no interest in the man who is fifteen years her junior, married to another woman who is pregnant with his child. She’s never dated him, never touched him in an inappropriate way, never entertained the idea of being in a relationship of any kind with the man. As a matter of fact, she often finds him dull and boring, yet she falls deeply in love with him, so deep, it takes the meaning of the word to a whole new dimension.

    Please tell me. How in God’s name does something like this happen?

    The answer lies in a journey of inexplicable horror, and an unsettling discovery that forever changes Emma.