The author lives in Virginia with her family, dogs and chickens. She’s fascinated by evidence of the interactive nature of our experience and is inspired by pathways for practicing our oneness.

Title by Carol Ann Rogers

  • by Carol Ann Rogers

    Don and Marlies search near Santa Fe, looking for clues to help them find Gus but as they soon learn, the information they seek isn’t bound by space or time. They hire a dowser who lives hundreds of miles away and she shares accurate details about their lost dog during their first conversation.

    Remarkable, overlapping perceptions of seven gifted intuitives lead them into a second mystery—uncovering evidence of a universal field of knowing that interacts with our thoughts, prayers and intentions to help create the reality we experience. Family and friends focus on their faith that he will be found, building a bridge to the outcome they choose. In Search of Gus is a true story about the power of love and the way consciousness alters our experiences in the world.