Chris Cryer, Instructor of Critical Thinking and Literature at Ventura College, comes from the deep South, where she was aligned with interracial issues in administration at Tuskegee U. in Alabama, in Head Start in Florida, and in a public Montessori Title I program in Tennessee, all predominately Black populations where she met hard-working Black women like Candy, also busy opening hearts and minds.
She has written two books, a textbook, Basic College Essay Guide, that served years of college students, and her memoir, Tolstoy in Riyadh, which won the Paris Festival Award for Best Biography, the North Texas Book Award for Non-fiction, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Chris’ film and book reviews were regular for The LA Times County Edition and the LA Levantine Cultural Center Newsletter through 2015.
Dedicated to expanding the voices of the least understood, Cryer’s textbook rages against distaste for commas, and her Saudi book unveils the little-known gentility of Saudi men. In A True Love Story from South Central, she takes up the voice of now-deceased Candy Grosz to continue to press for relationship rights for those who need to put culture last and love first.

Title by Chris Cryer

  • A True Love Story from South Central

    Released: September 2021

    Genre: Nonfiction

    True love tested by racial, cultural, and systemic attack.
    A story that makes you fall in love with love.
    Save your tears—It’s a better world since Candy and Gabe. This is a true story of a 17-year-old, tough-minded, female sprinter and her 27-year-old, soft-hearted, male coach who, though opposite in terms of class, race, and age, run smack into each other’s hearts.
    Smarter, cleverer, and stronger than their early 80’s peers in depressed South Central LA, she runs on and he coaches their Jefferson High track team, of course, to glory.
    Breaking custom and law, they face repudiation, misunderstanding, and controversy. They confront: the courts, the school board, a violent racist group, peers and family. How they survive and build a happy, lifelong, nationally famous family of activists is a gripping story and a miracle of love.