Christopher Wollenberg was born in and grew up in the Washington, D.C. area. After college and serving two years in the army as a military policeman, he returned to teach in a local public-school system. He has worked with students ranging from elementary through high school, teaching English, History, Reading, and ESL. His passions include teaching ESL to adult immigrants, traveling, gardening, and working on his next novel.

Title by Christopher Wollenberg

  • by Christopher Wollenberg

    It would be easy for fourteen-year-old Henryk Jonasz to tell the truth if nothing ever happened to him. But his first year in high school begins with a literal bang: punch-happy thugs take offense when he comes to the defense of a special-needs student.

    Henryk finds himself providing adjusted versions of the truth as he navigates threats from the gang, the murder of a local neo-Nazi, and a mendacious school administrator. He is aided by his rebellious older brother, a few reasonable adults, and his best friends, Melantha, a girl who identifies herself as Aspie, and Hank, an aspiring journalist who is struggling to write a story that won’t lead to Henryk’s early demise.