Christy Wall has been writing for both Catholic and public institutions for many years. She currently writes a blog, Country Spun Gold, where she delights her readers with tales of country life, children, and humor.
When Christy is not writing, she is taking photographs—both as a professional and a mom. Her favorite subjects are her nine children and many grandchildren on her small ranch. She loves riding the family horses with her children and enjoys nothing more than a wild gallop over the hills near her home.
Christy has been homeschooling for almost thirty years and has worked with multiple programs. She considers daily life on the ranch the best teacher her children have had thus far.

Title by Christy Wall

  • by Christy Wall

    It was the phone call every parent dreads. With gasping breath and controlled tears, Christy Wall heard the terrible words: “I’m so sorry. your son was in a terrible accident—I think he is paralyzed.”

    Franz was not only a competitive athlete, but an artist and a scholar. He was a highly acclaimed dental student and recognized for his remarkable skill with his hands. After the accident, he was paralyzed, with no use of his hands or any part of his body below his chest. Everything he loved was taken from him in a single moment. The accident sent shock waves through many communities.

    While Franz struggled for his life, immobile and unable to speak, Christy watched the hand of God play out in her son’s life. Her faith was made stronger as she saw in her son the crucified Christ and understood that his sufferings were instrumental in saving souls.

    This is a love story. It is a story of how God touched the heart of a simple girl in a common town and taught her about love, life, and trust in Him. From the back streets of Paris to an idyllic mountain town, at every turn, she was prepared for her son’s accident and the faith that was required to accept it.

    The Greatest Battle will inspire the reader with stories of joy and sorrow, culminating in life changing events that inspire reflection and reveal the hand of God along the way.