Claire is a ten-year-old girl who loves to write stories about fantasy worlds. Strawberryland is her second published book, following her debut, Candyland. Claire loves reading mysteries and writing stories. She is also a cellist, fencer, and an award-winning artist. She lives with her parents and her older brother in California.

Titles by Claire Chen

  • by Claire Chen

    Strawberry siblings, Rex and his little sister, Jenny, live in a faraway place called Strawberryland. Meanwhile, human siblings named Jake and Kylie are living in the Human World.

    Strawberryland follows the journeys of Rex and Jenny as they battle their way through the Human World, while Jake and Kylie await them on the other side, ready to fight.

    Who will survive this war between the two worlds?

  • by Claire Chen

    Jim, Jake, and Larry are facing some struggles…

    The three boys live in Candyland, a place where everything is made out of candy. They established “The Candy Boys,” a teen rock band. Jim is the lead singer, Jake plays the guitar, and Larry is their drummer. The Candy Boys were invited to a band competition at their school. Little did they know, dangerous figures from space were coming their way to disrupt the fun…