Cynthia Lundy is a speech-language pathologist and myofunctional therapist. She has been a practicing clinician since 2003. She has worked primarily in private practice and has a passion for finding the perfect children’s books that complement speech and language targets. If she could be any color it would be dark blue and her favorite animal is a leafy sea dragon.

Titles by Cynthia Lundy MA MS CCC-SLP

  • Plurals

    Released: April 2023

    Genre: Children's books

  • Present Progressive Verbs

    Released: February 2023

    Genre: Children's books

    What Am I Doing?: Present Progressive Verbs is a part of the Language Development series which provides functional repetitive language and encourages child engagement with each page. Each book in the series guides children to produce the language structure on their own. The illustrations present contextualized cues to foster independence.