David Bouchier is the popular weekly essayist for National Public Radio Stations WSHU & WSUF in New York and Connecticut. He was born in London and has worked as a journalist, college teacher, and broadcaster on both sides of the Atlantic. In the pre-Covid era he lived alternately on Long Island and in a village in the south of France. As well as essay collections and travel books he has published two memoirs, An Unexpected Life (2018) and A Journal of the Eightieth Year (2020).

Title by David Bouchier

  • by David Bouchier

    David Bouchier brings humor and insight to the quirks and perplexities of everyday life.

    These perceptive essays were first broadcast on stations of the WSHU Public Radio Network in Long Island and Connecticut, where Bouchier’s ironic wit has made him one of the best known public radio personalities in the region. He is also host of the podcast “A Few Well Chosen Words.”

    Out of Order is the latest collection of his radio commentaries, covering the past four extraordinary years. He brings a fresh approach to everything, including the insanity of politics in an election year and the COVID-19 hysteria. Other essays take on the wild world of social media, DNA testing and ancestor worship, magical thinking, and unreliable advice columns. They all find a place in this latest compendium of astute observations and whimsical opinions.