I turn sixty this year. I have been blessed as a husband, father, and grandfather. I have retired from two very productive careers, and now I serve a small congregation of God’s people. I have been blessed in life beyond words and feel so fortunate to have the privilege to share some of my life with you!

Title by David L. Hicks

  • by David L. Hicks

    David Hicks’s collection of humorous essays invites us to laugh along with the author at his own foibles and mishaps and, maybe, just maybe, discover more humility and humor in our own lives.

    I am rich beyond words in relationships and family. So many lives that have crossed mine have found their way into the treasure chest of my heart. I say all this to tell you: laugh at the stories in this book, and be entertained by the silly, the puns, the things that remind you of funny things in your own life. But more than that: stop! Take stock of the important people in your life. Love them as gifts, cherish them as treasures, give grace to them all, and never allow a moment’s opportunity to show them love fall by the wayside.