David Mackey, a former Air Force radio and television announcer and engineer, learned about Sasquatch when he was the night DJ at KAST radio, Astoria, Oregon. The head of The International Sasquatch Center dropped by the station periodically and discussed Sasquatch with him. Self-loading log trucks crossed his path in Waldport, Oregon, when he met the owner and operator of just such a truck. They spent time together discussing an early version of Fires In the Night, during trips into the woods. A sequel to Fires is in the works. David and his wife are retired and living in Brownsville, Oregon.

Title by David Mackey

  • A Novel of Love and Legend

    Released: January 2022

    Genre: Novels

    Tall, brawny Mac was a logger, every inch a logger. He had worked the forests on the Oregon Coast his entire life. He had never encountered the legendary sasquatch or bigfoot. But when he does, life-changing adventure ensues for him and his lady friend, Elsie. Their life story intertwines with the growing mystery of the hairy creatures and their strange culture. This book, with its warm love story, is for all who enjoy legend and adventure.