Deborah Stewart Chinn is a Louisiana native who has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area since the 1980s. Having been weaned on the novels of Eudora Welty and the short stories of Dorothy Parker, Chinn has crafted her style in a similar vein in an attempt to show homage to these two women writers who influenced her from a very early age. Chinn’s first book, Peraphania: A Modern Allegory, was a reflection and commentary on the 2016 presidential election. Tender Verses is her first combined collection of both short stories and poetry.

Titles by Deborah Stewart Chinn

  • …More Tender Verses A Poetry Anthology by Deborah Stewart Chinn

    by Deborah Stewart Chinn

    • Released: February 2024
    • Genre: Poetry

    …More Tender Verses is a soul baring compilation of poetry presented in lyrical form by the author. Each chapter reveals a wealth of experience and insight from the poet’s personal observations…from Love to Nature.

    A tapestry of topics unfold effortlessly upon the pages and each poem sings to an unwritten melody when read or recited.

  • by Deborah Stewart Chinn

    “Dr. Slaughter fumbled with the dozen or more keys he had attached to his gilded key ring, forever choosing the wrong one in a futile first try at opening the jeweled box…his eyes glistened as he gazed down into the secret contained within.”

    These opening lines of “Heart of a Great Man” make a chilling introduction to the short stories and poetry collected in Tender Verses. Readers will find an easy segue from stories to romantic and stirring poems replete with erotic descriptions and sardonic insights. Ultimately, the collected works in Tender Verses lead readers through the complex inner workings of human emotions and psyches and introduce a poignant array of seemingly everyday individuals who each possess extraordinary life stories, rich and worth sharing.

  • by Deborah Stewart Chinn