Diane Kaufman is a wife and mother who loved “going on adventures” with her young daughter by fabricating fanciful stories before bedtime every night. Retired from working in the business world for more than 30 years and with her daughter fully grown, Diane now creates and shares whimsical adventures with her great-nephew and great–nieces. Her charming original stories are adventurous tales brimming with enough fun, magic, exploration, and love to captivate the imagination of the child in us all.

Title by Diane Kaufman

  • by Diane Kaufman

    Aunt Diane shares her original story about her niece Marcy’s glorious children and their fun-filled adventures. Ian, Layne, and Ivy have an especially strong sibling bond. Through donor assistance, their courageous mother Marcy first gave birth to Ian; soon after came twin sisters Layne and Ivy. Come share this family’s special bond, support, and love. Join these children’s adventures as Santa’s sleigh comes to life. Meet the animated, helpful characters who guide them all along their magical Christmas Eve journey. Enjoy the flight!