Dita Basu is a writer from Walnut Creek, a quaint suburb near San Francisco, where she raised her family and lived for over forty years. Originally from India, she writes and publishes her works in two languages: her mother tongue, Bengali, and English. Retired from her teaching career, Dita now immerses herself in writing, and is an active member of the California Writers Club. When the muse abandons, she fiddles with beads. She also loves to travel with her husband to faraway places.

Title by Dita Basu

  • by Dita Basu

    • Released: April 2023
    • Genre: Novels
    Dreamcatcher is a woman’s immigrant journey in America during the nineties—one that opens her to a new world where a larger-than-life call awaits.

    Shila’s stable life in India crumbles the day her husband, Asim, declares he’s going to America. She follows Asim to the faraway foreign land, assured by her father’s words: “This man has ambition. He’ll rise to the top.”

    Frustrated by her husband’s career ambitions, Shila learns to bring up their daughter in a new culture with little help. Asim spends most of his time traveling for work, busy in his own dreams. Years later, the crisis peaks when Asim returns to India and their daughter will soon go to college, three thousand miles away, leaving an empty nest.

    Asim gives Shila an ultimatum. She must choose between returning with him to India, or staying in America alone. Should she answer the desires of her heart, putting her secure marriage of twenty years at stake?