Don Carolus lives in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of another novel, Qwerty, and is currently working on a collection of short stories.


Title by Don Carolus

  • a novel

    Released: May 2021

    Genre: Novels

    Told posthumously by a friend, Danny O’Donnell’s story reads like an elegy, serves as an epitaph, and invites reflection on the imperatives of manhood. At the height of the Vietnam War, as a matter of conscience, Danny O’Donnell refused induction into the military, risking prison and winning the admiration of his future wife, Leah. But soon after their marriage, his courage failed him. Plagued by an enduring sense of cowardice, late in life he attempts to redeem himself with one fell swoop. Here, as in Joseph Conrad’s classic Lord Jim, a man’s “acute consciousness of lost honour” plays out with fatal consequences.