Dr. Ted Chiappelli is retired from uniformed service to our nation, having contributed to the medical service of the United States Air Force and specialized in behavioral science with the United States Public Health Service. Dr. Chiappelli also held faculty positions at several universities. He earned his Doctor of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University and holds two master’s degrees. Dr. Chiappelli, his wife, and family, actively support causes of social justice and environmental health. They live in and around Pasadena, Maryland.

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  • by Dr. Ted Chiappelli

    Chiappelli is the name of a family that originated in an Etruscan culture, survived one thousand years of Roman rule, and provided a storied presence within an Italian region for another thousand years before emerging as an American saga. This is the story of Alfonso Chiappelli and his service in World War I. Certainly it is a story that can be replicated in every American household with modest variation. It is a tale of becoming an American.