Dyan Dubois, a visual artist turned author, now paints with words. She brings her love of travel and respect for cultures to the worlds she creates for her characters. Combining fantasy with factual history, malleable time, and ancient whispers, Dyan creates alternate reality, “what if,” stories.

A Fulbright Scholar and retired college visual arts professor, Dyan draws inspiration from the many places she has lived and visited. Currently, she resides in the Sierra Mountains of California, where she communes with nature, writes, paints, and hikes. She shares the mountains with coyotes—as well as bears that occasionally break in to her home looking for porridge.

For more information, visit www.dyandubois.com.

Titles by Dyan Dubois

  • by Dyan Dubois

    • Released: February 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    In 1975, Askara Timlen wins a journalism contest to report on a sacred ceremony in Madagascar called Walking the Dead. A family honors their ancestor by exhuming the corpse, wrapping the remains in a new silk shroud, and reburying him. But the family accuses Askara of a severe taboo, photographing their ancestor’s face.

    Dire consequences arise that extend beyond time and place when the distraught ancestor wedges open the spirit door to NoTime, a world guarded by Madagascar’s mythical Kalanoro people. Caught between feuding factions—a Catholic church monsignor and the most influential family in Madagascar, each with secrets to hide—Askara plays a dangerous game. She must secure her exit visa before the spirit door closes at the new moon. Time is running out.

  • by Dyan Dubois

    A trip to Ethiopia unexpectedly puts Askara Timlen in possession of a powerful, sought-after artifact and sets her on a preordained path.Askara Timlen lands the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss sends her on a buying trip to Africa in 1974 to purchase heirloom Ethiopian jewelry. At Jubilee Palace, she views the emperor’s collection. She holds his prized possession, a small bronze cup that once contained the prayer flame of the ancient high priest Zarathustra. The legendary cup wields immense power for good or evil, depending on who possesses it. After leaving the palace, Askara discovers someone has smuggled the precious cup in her backpack to steal it from the emperor. Askara begins to understand her preordained role as guardian of the cup. Unknown enemies will stop at nothing to recover it. She will stop at nothing to protect it. With the help of her new friend, Sara Sanford, and her love and ally, Darian Dastoor, Askara must take drastic measures to outmaneuver the men who seek to control the power of the cup.

  • by Dyan Dubois

    In 1700, a great wave sinks entire islands in the Puget Sound, leaving a three-year-old indigenous girl the sole survivor. A medicine woman on a distant island, Ama, finds and raises the child as WolfShe and trains her in healing arts.

    WolfShe grows into a powerful medicine woman, one haunted by the loss of her family. Not knowing her totem, she fears no ancestors will greet her at the gate to the Land of Mists when she dies. Without their help she could be forever lost in the Land of Shadow Fog.

    Pale Face, an invader and trapper, hunts WolfShe and her wolf. But he carries a more terrible threat than his knife, a disease that kills. In trying to escape him, WolfShe discovers her fate as a healer and her true totem.