Ellen Dee Davidson is the author of a number of children’s books. She’s also worked as an elementary, piano, and creative writing teacher and raised two daughters. Living with her husband in the redwoods of northern California, Ellen finds inspiration in the magic and beauty of nature.

A portion of royalties donated towards reforestation with Tree Sisters and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Title by Ellen Dee Davidson

  • Released: February 2022

    Genre: Fantasy

    In a unique blend of high fantasy, earth mysticism, and mythology, Katie’s adventures begin when an earthquake tumbles her onto another world. Thrust into a dangerous initiation quest, Katie’s only chance to get home is to learn to accept herself and cooperate with an arrogant alien boy. On the journey, the two of them encounter all sorts of extraordinary characters including a shape-shifting tree spirit, water god, and nature devas. But will they ever be able to find the elusive and ethereal Winged Ones—the only beings able to take them home?