Elyse Sitner Barroway was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. She graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor of science degree in economics. She worked in finance and management training for eight years before leaving the corporate world to raise her two wonderful children.

The idea for this book came to her as she was packing up her son to move him home from his junior year of college. She realized that the “full-time job” of raising her kids was almost done, and she hoped that she had instilled the values that would make them good, productive members of society. So much focus is placed on what you do as a grown-up, but she wants to emphasize the importance of values, following your passions, and staying true to yourself.

She currently resides in Haverford, Pennsylvania, with her family and her beloved dog, Bandit.
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Titles by Elyse Sitner Barroway

  • by Ava Trachtenberg, Olivia Trachtenberg, Elyse Sitner Barroway, & Erinn Sitner Salaman

    In this charming book, four individual voices come together to share the trials and tribulations of twinship. The search for individuality is especially important for twins, but it is a message that is meaningful for all children.This book depicts that search in a delightful way and focuses on the importance of being Uniquely You.

  • by Elyse Sitner Barroway

    In a gentle, loving way, When I Grow Up encourages children to focus not only on what they want to be when they grow up, but to also consider who they want to be as grown-ups. The simple format fosters thought-provoking discussions between children and those that love them.