Eric Horn first conceived of the idea of a space particle in 1980 after watching an episode of “Cosmos,” the popular PBS television series presented by Carl Sagan. The analogies presented in the book were considered over many years. Following a back injury in 2017, he began the mathematical development of Space Particle Theory. Mr. Horn enjoys life in rural southern Oregon with his wife Terri, and their three cats, Taco, Mr. Joe Beal, and Miss Gracie Ree.

Title by Eric Mitchell Horn

  • by Eric Mitchell Horn

    Space Particle Theory presents a radical but easily understood framework that will revolutionize the way physicists view of the universe. “Space Particle Theory: A Framework for a Theory of Everything” presents a series of analogical conceptualizations of how the universe works. These conceptualizations form a basis for the algebraic development of the theory. The theory demonstrates that the universe can be described mathematically by equations involving only powers of the speed of light and powers of time. The theory introduces a framework which allows for development and calculation of quantum gravity, quantum energy, quantum mass, quantum temperature, and quantum space. Scientists can use this book as a foundation for future discoveries. Because the theory math is relatively simple and the hypotheses presented are easily understood, this book is also suitable as a basis for an introductory quantum mechanics course at the high school level.