Title by Frank J. Peter

  • by Frank J. Peter

    This book is not for everyone.

    It’s for those rare and precious souls who are humble enough to admit their ignorance, curious enough to keep asking questions, and honest enough to accept the answers—no matter how inconvenient those answers might be.

    It’s for those mature enough to abandon all childish notions of morality, those who find no comfort in conformity with the herd, and those who dare to challenge the gatekeepers and powers that be. It’s for those who have the courage to define their own values and the integrity to live accordingly.

    Why Are You Here? is a deep dive into the question we all answer, for better or worse, with everything we do or fail to do each and every day. But this is no feel-good book. You will find no promises, easy answers, or chicken-soup-for-the-soul platitudes here. What you will find is more like castor oil for the soul. While sobering and humbling, may you find these pages to be therapeutic, liberating, and empowering—and use them to transform life from something that merely happens to you into something that happens because of you.