Gail A. Webber is a retired science teacher who lives and writes on a small farm in Maryland. Her stories have appeared in a number of journals and in anthologies, including the 2016 Write Well Award Anthology, How Well You Walk through Madness, and Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread. She has published three other novels and a volume of short stories.

Titles by Gail A. Webber

  • Released: November 2023

    Genre: Novels

    However solid, secure, and together Rachel seems from the outside, she knows the truth about herself. She’s lonely. She hides. She doubts everything she does.

    At twenty-six years old, she’s learned to make the best of the life her past decisions created. But new demands, unexpected losses, and painful choices have changed everything. Rachel has always carried secrets. Now she has more, with far-reaching consequences on the horizon. To deal with all of it—to survive—she needs to grow. But can she?

  • A Collection of Short Stories

    Released: November 2020

    Genre: Novels

    Whether mainstream, fantasy, science fiction, or something else, these thirty stories have a common theme—redemption and hope for at least one of the characters. But roads to redemption are never easy, and something always complicates the journey. The characters in these stories are all fictional yet you will recognize many of them. Perhaps one looks back at you from your mirror, or will, sometime in your future.

  • Released: April 2020

    Genre: Novels

    What if people who lived forty thousand years ago had developed working partnerships with animals, and what if only one woman in each tribe could speak with them? Kitane belongs to a tribe living seaside in what is now Indonesia. Her life is in upheaval because the Speaker was killed and because of strange visitors, intrigue among the elders, and silence from the gods. Kitane knows she is the new Speaker, and when the tribe refuses to recognize her, she knows she must act. And courageously.