Gary Griffith was captivated by the history of civilization and the arts at a young age, which became a life passion. A long-time educator, Gary is a mixed-genre artist and lives in the Sonoma Valley with his wife Patty, where he farms Bordeaux grapes.

Title by Gary Griffith

  • by Gary Griffith

    • Released: December 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    Albion Thatcher did not know a spark of the cosmos was sending him on a miraculous, episodic journey…

    Facing impending heart surgery, suddenly single, and feeling blindsided, Albion sets off on a long-anticipated adventure: four days in London and three weeks in Italy. He finds himself mysteriously crossing paths with the same series of people along his journey—a smart-ass kid with the ponytail, newlyweds, an older couple, a comedian, and a woman who may be a secret agent.

    Each time Albion’s journey intersects with these travelers, they reveal more of their personal stories. Or could it merely be Albion’s imagination? What is lurking behind the curtain of this Italy experience? One does not just keep running into the same people over and over. Something extraordinary seems to be unfolding. Is it possible for these travelers to stumble upon truth while searching for something else?

    In Albion Thatcher and The Saint of Circumstance, monsters are just as terrifying as imagined ones, love must not be taken for granted, and belief in oneself just may have the power to conquer evil.