George Tsakumis is an accounting professor. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Accounting from Miami University of Ohio, and his PhD from the University of South Carolina. Prior to joining academia, he worked for a “Big 4” accounting firm as a certified public accountant. George is a lifelong swimmer and lover of the sport. During his youth, he swam competitively for clubs in Wilmington, Delaware, Parkersburg, West Virginia, and Thessaloniki, Greece. He has also worked for a USA swimming club as a volunteer coach, co-lead age group coach, and national-level training group assistant coach. George is happily married with two boys, both of whom are competitive swimmers.

Title by George Tsakumis

  • by George Tsakumis

    In The Black Line Blues, a swim coach is at a crossroads after a tumultuous season. Should he keep coaching or make a career change? When the coach’s mentor, Coach C, pays a surprise visit, he dives deep into a conversation about the doubts and difficulties he and his team faced during the most recent season. During their time together, the coach overcomes a case of the “black line blues,” and is reminded of what matters most both on and off the pool deck.