Gerilyn Van, author and teacher, holds a Master’s in Education and has been certified as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master teacher, Breathwork Coach, and Mindfulness and Yoga instructor. Currently, she is a Relationship-Life Coach.

Title by Gerilyn Van

  • by Gerilyn Van

    Holistic Practices for Physical Pain, Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

    This book will profoundly affect your health, mentally, emotionally and physically. Learn valuable skills that our Schools and Health Care systems do not teach us (and should!).

    Learn how to …

    • Calm anxiety and soothe your nervous system
    • Be with your mental activity and see what is true
    • Release negative thinking
    • Shift depression lovingly
    • Address physical pain holistically
    • Reduce addictions, dependency on the Health Care system and drugs
    • Connect to healing energy in your body and in nature
    • Create satisfying relationships with emotional safety and trust
    • Strengthen connection to your authentic Self

    You can’t help but be positively altered after reading this book! In our schools and Health Care systems, nutrition and exercise are encouraged, as they should be, but some of the basic elements of wellness – mental health, emotional intelligence and how to deal with physical pain – are largely overlooked. The lack of these skills shows up in us, our families and society in dysfunctional ways; creating unhealthy habits, addictions, trauma and even violence. Hopefully, someday, Awaken Your INNER PHYSICIAN will be part of the Health Care curriculum, for ALL of us.