Gloria Gardner discovered her calling to become a teacher early on and graduated from U.C. Berkeley. She worked successfully in public schools for nine years as an elementary teacher and then established a preschool, serving as director and teacher for thirty-eight years. She received a “Preschool Teachers Make A Difference” award. A California resident for many years, Gloria is now living happily in Oregon.

Titles by Gloria Gardner

  • Autumn Unit by Gloria Gardner

    by Gloria Gardner

    The Autumn Unit: Integrated, Thematic Learning Activities For Young Children is an educational treasury for young children, containing activities that highlight the fundamentals of early learning with a well-integrated approach. These appealing and age-appropriate activities relating to the theme of autumn have been field-tested and represent a wide array of curriculum areas, including nature, pre-math, art, sign language, stories, music, science, language arts, fine motor skills, dramatics, cooking, and more. More than three hundred activities in The Autumn Unit have been designed to capture the attention and interest of young learners. Pre-school and kindergarten teachers will find the lesson plans easy to use and advantageous in helping students achieve learning goals as they follow the inviting pathways to success that are provided.

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Hooray For The Best Things Of All explores the things that children love—and there are so many choices! 

    • Favorite games, stories, and playmates
    • Favorite places to go and things to see in nature
    • Favorite foods to enjoy and family traditions to share
    • Favorite things they’re good at doing.

    There seems to be no limit to the pleasure a child can discover, or the sense of appreciation and gratitude that will accompany that discovery. Hooray for everything that brings joy to children!

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Secrets can be so special and exciting! It’s always a surprise when we hear one. Even nature has its secrets, too.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to discover something in nature that perhaps no one knows about?

    What would that be like?

    In this story, nature shares an amazing sunflower secret with a boy when he’s out in his backyard. You’re in for a surprise when you find out what it is and what the boy does after he learns the secret!

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually peek into the secret world of animals? What if you could see animals doing things that no one has ever seen before? It would be thrilling, and the best part is that any of us can make an exciting discovery like this! Whether you choose to watch birds or insects or furry animals, you could be in for a very big surprise.

    In Spinner Day and Fly Pie, two boys come across a lot of spiders and their webs, and as they get closer, they carefully watch to see what the spiders are doing. Everything they see is so amazing and unbelievable that they are eager to investigate and find out more. Get ready for lots of surprises!

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Wouldn’t it be a surprise to find out that animals have Halloween parties and games and treats, too?
    Halloween is so much fun!
    Lots of costumes and jack-o’-lanterns and spooky surprises and trick-or-treats. But we aren’t the only ones who enjoy this frightfully good holiday!
    Come along with four special insect friends and find out what they discover when they venture to the Spiders’ Halloween Party and join in with many other guests, all gathered together to have fun.
    Get ready for a surprise!

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Isn’t it fun to watch the animals outside! Sometimes, you can see animals running away or digging holes or climbing trees or chasing after something. Does it make you curious? Do you wonder what’s going on?
    If you saw an animal digging a hole and putting something in it, you might want to know what they were hiding and why they were doing it. Suppose that you wanted to imitate that animal and hide something, too? Wouldn’t that be fun! After you finished digging a hole, what would you decide to put in it? Would it be safe in there? Could anything unusual happen to it? You never know, but you might be in for a surprise!

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Hurry! It’s Halloween night! Let’s go trick or treating! It’ll be fun! Do you think there will be any surprises? Oh-oh, what did I just hear? What was that noise? I think I heard zombies tromping by. Grab my hand, and don’t let me cry. Look! Do you see what’s coming now? Vampires that really scare. Oh, and ghosts floating in the air. Grab my hand. I need you there. Help, help! I see lots of goblins hiding all around! Grab my hand, and don’t make a sound. With all of these scary things tonight, I’m really glad you’re here with me.

  • by Gloria Gardner

    Halloween is a special time when children get to wear a costume and go trick-or-treating. Children love to figure out what costume they will wear. And there are so many options! Maybe a scary vampire or a beautiful princess or a brave knight in armor. Maybe a mermaid or a robot or a goblin. How will they ever decide? It’s easy! They pick their favorite, the one they like the best. And then they’ll be ready to answer the question that everyone keeps asking.