Title by Gregory Gessner

  • by Gregory Gessner

    • Released: June 2022
    • Genre: Poetry

    A Gentle Rage offers a unique form of writing that appeals to both poetry lovers and non-poetry lovers. This book includes a wide variety of poems about love, humor, human rights, space and more.

    Some of the poems include “The Goddess Calls” portrays a romantic experience that elevates human longing to the realms of gods. “John Lennon: A Lost Voice” is the tragic story of the musical hero’s assassination. “Flaming Orb” tells of divine intelligence that lives in deep space and describes the virtues of other worlds.

    Step into the fantasy of “Led Zeppelin Chicks” where a teenager envisions being a member of the fabled rock group. “Chicken Soup on the Table” shows how all citizens of the world belong to a universal family where kindness, sharing and humility are symbols of success. A Gentle Rage is a fascinating collection of poems that gives hope to all its readers.