Heath and Ashley Hover are a coaching family in Atlanta, Georgia. Ashley is the founder of The Game Day Family, a company dedicated to creating gifts for sports families. As parents of their very own coach’s kid, they were inspired to write this book and hope it will bring families closer as they take on the coaching world together.

Title by Heath and Ashley Hover

  • by Heath and Ashley Hover

    It is such an exciting life to be a football coach’s kid! This book gives you a glimpse into the life of a football coaching family, highlighting these fun times through rhymes that your kids will love. This book is perfect for families with a dad who coaches football. It will definitely get everyone excited for football season and supporting daddy!

    We made this book to help you see,
    The awesome kid you get to be.
    Take a peek inside, you’ll be glad you did.
    It’s an exciting life as a coach’s kid!