Raised in Columbia River Gorge country in Oregon, Helen Wand graduated from Corbett High School and obtained her degree from Marylhurst University. Spending her early career as a medical technologist working in various hospital laboratories, she later founded the Clinical Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomy program at Clackamas Community College, where she performed the duties of director and lead instructor.
All the while, she pursued her love of history, joining local historical societies and documenting early Oregon stories. Helen published her first historical novel, Where Eagles Nest, The Second Wave of Pioneers in 2013. Echoes of Forgotten Places continues the Lampert family saga in the early 1900s as they struggle to save their land and maintain their homestead in the wild, rugged terrain high above the Columbia River.
Now retired, Helen resides in Gresham, Oregon, where she gardens, writes, and volunteers at the Troutdale Historical Society, the Crown Point Country Historical Society, and the Northeast Multnomah County Pioneer Association.

Titles by Helen F. Wand

  • Where Eagles Nest by Helen F. Wand

    by Helen F. Wand

    • Released: April 2024
    • Genre: Novels

    “Where Eagles Nest chronicles a young couple, Alex and Julianna Lampert, as they immigrate from Lichtenstein, in search of land where they can raise a family and participate in the American dream. The young newlyweds eventually settle in the rugged hills and pasturelands above the Sandy River in Oregon, where they forge a life of love and pursue their quest for prosperity in spite of the struggle in the wild terrain of the Pacific Northwest in the 1880s.” —Sharon Nesbit, writer and historian, author of It Could’ve Been Carpdale. “You will laugh, grieve, and rejoice with [Alex and Julianna] and their neighbors. Helen Wand’s brilliant research breathes life into the slice of local history that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.” —Alice Lynn, author of Wrenn: Egypt House, Volunteers for Glory, and Scattered Pieces

  • by Helen F. Wand

    • Released: January 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    The year is 1897. Julianna Lampert and her eight children depend on the family working the farm—recently cleared soil on land so rugged and windswept it defies their very existence. Join the family’s journey, from grieving their father’s passing and the death of their baby brother, to the arrival of Frank, who strikes a bargain with Julianna, a widow desperate to save her homestead.

    Follow the Lampert family and their neighbors into the twentieth century, amidst a tragic drowning, disastrous blizzard, and a fire that demolishes a town—devastations tempered with romance and marriage. All the while, their remote, isolated Pleasant View community is transformed: brought into the modern era by the horseless carriage, telephone, women’s right to vote—and the neighbor’s still.