Henry F. Arnold is a distinguished landscape architect who has dedicated his career to humanizing cities with trees, water, and natural elements. He is credited with the Hoboken South Waterfront landscape, MetroTech—an eight-city-block pedestrian landscape in Brooklyn, the landscape design for Constitution Gardens on the National Mall, and significant parks and urban spaces in many international cities.

Title by Henry F. Arnold

  • by Henry F. Arnold

    The story of the evolution of a distinguished landscape architect is a blueprint for the rewards found in a profession that humanizes cities and changes lives.
    Life & Landscape traces the author’s life from earliest boyhood, as he discovers natural order, to a notable career as a landscape architect. This lively story, as recollected by the author, connects his earlier experiences and suggests how a vocation of forty years evolved into an avocation as a watercolor artist, extending the satisfaction of a life well lived with a wife well matched. Ultimately, the book is a blueprint to the many ways a career in landscape architecture can positively influence many lives in many places.