Jamie Kim was born and raised in Colorado, where she lives with her parents and puppy, Soondori. She’s currently in high school, and when she isn’t writing (or keeping up with school), you can find her out with friends, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, or curled up somewhere with a book. Jamie is an Atlas Fellow and has received a Congressional Medal for her athletic and academic achievements. How to Read for Fun is her first published title.

Title by Jamie Kim

  • by Jamie Kim

    Who in their right mind reads for fun? These days, being able to take a little time just for yourself is rare. Choosing to enjoy a book during that time is even rarer. In a world of increasing distraction, digital development, and fast-paced work, we’ve left behind the idea of reading for leisure. Within these pages, you’ll find an honest, all-inclusive guide to reading for fun—and exactly how it can change your life for the better. This book will show you how to work reading into a busy schedule, solve an inability to focus, and even confront a lack of motivation. Learn how to find, and best take advantage of, books that you’re sure to love.

    How to Read for Fun will help you re-approach literature in a way that lasts long after you turn the last page.