Title by Jay D Roberts

  • by Jay D Roberts

    • Released: February 2023
    • Genre: Novels
    Dr. Max Bradford, an infectious disease specialist, is a different breed of doctor. In Black Lethal, Max, a wounded white child raised in the harsh environment of an orphanage in the Philippines, is adopted by a Filipino governor and eventually attends medical school. His experiences drive him to rescue abused and helpless kids across the globe and become a CNN medical reporter.

    Max captures damning footage of broken young boys enslaved in tin mines in the Congo. When his story is killed, Max returns to the Philippines, builds an orphanage, and focuses on research. He discovers near-miraculous treatments for severe infections—many, ironically, relying on tin.

    One of Max’s serums becomes the only known cure for a fatal virus that spreads across the globe and threatens to wipe out the entire human population. The discovery puts Max and his family in extreme peril. The U.S. government and a powerful Chinese triad vie for control of the serum, and Max’s sons are kidnapped by ruthless mercenaries to coerce him into producing the serum on their demand.

    Black Lethal details Max’s struggle against enforced servitude and the ways he attempts, against all odds, to triumph.