JEFF MAURO is a science fiction and children’s book author. He also worked for years in healthcare information. He does most of his writing at home and his favorite coffee shops. Jeff is a fan of science documentaries, movie quotes, road trips, and cute furry animals. He enjoys spending time with his family. When the weather is nice, he likes to hang out at the driving range. He looks forward to his hot coffee every morning and almost always drinks it black.

Title by Jeff Mauro

  • by Jeff Mauro

    Beeco is a highly intelligent and lovable bear cub from Anthania. He has been chosen by his government to be ambassador to all the alien worlds in order to promote harmony and peace.

    Beeco embarks on his first voyage aboard the Justimator starship Universe 5. On the journey, he enthusiastically prepares for his landing mission to the planet Dizzizzippi. But Beeco is still learning values like honesty, self-control, and respect. His assigned guardian, whose responsibility is to help him learn behaviors that are more becoming to his role as ambassador, isn’t sure she’ll be able to help. Will Beeco learn to control his temper and avoid getting into mischief before landing? And is the planet Dizzizzippi ready for its new Ambassador?