Born and raised in her ancestral homelands of the Tongva and Chumash, in the westernmost parts of what is now Los Angeles County, Jessa Calderon began writing at the young age of eight years old. Her passion for storytelling lives through her poetry and music. Storytelling is how many Indigenous cultures teach morals and truths. That tradition is embedded in Jessa’s DNA and she is ever grateful for it.

Title by Jessa Calderon

  • by Jessa Calderon

    Growing up in the hood has many challenges. Some people get lost in the westernized brainwash and conditioning, others in the pain and trauma endured for generations.

    In Jessa Calderon’s SisterHood, a group of young girls from the hood stand with each other and love each other through it all—they encourage one another to keep going. Together they cry, learn, heal, grow mentally and spiritually, and survive.