Jessica was born and raised in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Growing up, she was a five-star athlete. A graduate of Florida State University, she is currently a special education specialist. After recently becoming a new mom, she ventured off to write a book with her son as the main character. From working with students, she knows firsthand the types of peer pressure they experience. She wrote this book in the hope that it gives students confidence in their abilities.

Title by Jessica K. Childers

  • by Jessica K. Childers

    Will Jace’s shoes fail him, or will his talent make him shine?

    Jace has high hopes to make the track team, but there are two things in his way: his lack of confidence and his new, plain running shoes. He questions whether making the team is something he can do.

    But to make matters worse, his competition has on the newest, coolest, running shoes. Will Jace let fashion get in the way of what he truly wants?

    On your mark, get set, let’s find out.